Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DBZ All Sagas RX17

 DBZ All Sagas RX17 is just bugfixes of RX16. Please download/use the PROTECTED version to play games.

RX17 Changes:

Fixed a bug where Goten can't collect the Dragonballs.
Fixed a bug where the Pessimisitc- shuttle would pick up Dende making him unable to become guardian.
Fixed a bug that allowed you to get wishes more quickly.
Increased the power level boost for the "Power" wish on the later fights.
Increased Dabura's HP.
Increased Vegeta Oozaru's HP.
Decreased the lose timer for the Babidi fight.
Changed base stats of many player forms.
Added the dragon radar.

Protected map - Please use this to play the game
Download here

Unprotected map
Only use this if you are going to make a derivative work like Evil Sagas RX
Download link removed. Use RX19 unprotected.


  1. am i piccolo or nail? which one i dont get it

  2. Oh, something I noticed during the last version which should be addressed.

    Personally I feel the EXP and such screens last and take presidence FAR too long. They're up for like a minute. I feel most people use it as a reference guide, so they should be unlocked, such as not blocking chatter coming in, or only locked a short time. Again, this is just a personal note.

  3. @Anonymous: Turn off your maphacks. :)

  4. you are piccolo and nail lol